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Acoustical Products – Noise Barriers

It’s hard to concentrate in a noisy space. You have to be able to hear your own thoughts, right? Or maybe you’re concerned about speech privacy and confidential information. One way to decrease the amount of noise in a space is installing noise and sound barriers to block or soundproof a room.

Noise barrier panels are manufactured specifically to reduce the traveling of sound through a wall.

Commercial noise barrier panels can be installed in:

  • Counseling centers
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Music rooms
  • Conference rooms and corporate offices
  • Schools

Noise barrier wall panels are created with a vinyl barrier sandwiched between two layers of PCF rigid fiberglass boards and are available in 1-1/8” or 2-1/8” thickness. Both panels come in custom sizes up to 4’x10’ and are available in standard, designer, or C.O.M. fabric.

Interested in adding interior noise barriers to your commercial space? Let CMC Shades and Specialties work with you to find the right noise barriers and acoustical products to fit your situation to minimize noise.  Noise barriers are available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southern Vermont and New Hampshire..

Located in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, CMC Shades and Specialties proudly serves Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

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