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Commercial Products

Our goal at CMC Shades and Specialties is to improve the work space and enhance employee performance and comfort for our clients. We offer a large variety of commercial products which are available in a selection of fabrics and colors.

CMC Shades and Specialties in East Longmeadow, MA offers solar fabrics that have openness factors ranging from 0-1% up to 14%, meaning more or less light will filter through the fabric, depending on our client’s preference.  This means you can choose how much sunlight you want to let into your office.

Choosing the correct color fabric for your application can be a tricky task. Darker colored fabrics absorb more heat than lighter-colored fabrics, just like a piece of clothing would in the sunlight. Darker colored fabrics, however, provide a better view of the exterior than lighter colored fabrics do. It is important to realize that in certain times of the year, the sun rays will be stronger and at lower levels, which may affect viewing computer monitor and other AV equipment.

Improve energy efficiency, reduce heat and glare with solar shades. Automation products are available for small and large projects.

Let our years of knowledge help you make the right selection on shade fabrics for your commercial space!

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