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Acoustical Products

When faced with a room that has noise issues due to sound bouncing off of walls and ceilings, or sound coming from another part of the building, CMC Shades and Specialties can help.  There are numerous ways to solve acoustic issues.

Sound absorbing panels, baffles, clouds and banners absorb the sound in the space in which they are hanging.  They create a more comfortable environment and enable occupants to hear better.  These products are very effective in classrooms, concert halls, restaurants, and other locations where many people gather.

If sound is traveling from one room to another, noise barrier products assist with reducing sound transference with walls and ceilings.  Products used during the construction phase, or applied to walls and ceilings in a finished space, are available.  These products include noise barrier panels, high NRC ceiling tiles, tile covers, and mass loaded vinyl.

Electronic sound masking systems also accomplish the task of improving the comfort level of a space and addressing privacy concerns.   These systems are frequently used in open office areas where panels cannot be used and in counseling rooms that have a high need for privacy.

Let CMC Shades and Specialties assist in selecting the acoustical products to help solve your sound issues. Whether you’re working in an office that requires sound masking or in need of sound absorbing panels in a concert hall, CMC Shades and Specialties has you covered. Our materials come in a variety of colors and finishes and can be easily customized to fit your specific needs.

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Located in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, CMC Shades and Specialties proudly serves Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

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Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Ceiling Clouds, Suspended With Wire
Acoustical Products, Middle School In CT
Acoustical Products, Middle School In CT
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Sound Panels, Sound Proof, Gymnasium, Wall Tiles
Sound Seal Fabric, Acoustical Panels, Sound Proof
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